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Rum, Orange Juice, Pretzels, Garlic, Mayonnaise and Bacon #NogChallenge #TheCrusher

Mix it up

All Incredible Inedible Eggnogs begin with a base of only the finest store-brand eggnog. You take it from there. We suggest adding liquor (of course!) and then maybe something sweet, maybe something sour, maybe even a condiment or two. Make it incredible. Make it inedible.

Meet the tasters
Mary Kate Shields

Dec 16
Mary Kate Shields, Coolfire Media
Was in a band called Eggnog Enema.

Tom Townsend

Dec 17
Tom Townsend, Rodgers Townsend
Drinks eggnog to forget that Joy is his middle name.

Matt Reedy

Dec 18
Matt Reedy, Boxing Clever
Claims his eggnog recipe "goes to 11."

Jeff Rifkin

Dec 18
Jeff Rifkin, Boxing Clever
Keeps his beard soft by washing it in eggnog.

Annie Castellano

Dec 19
Annie Castellano, Switch
Likes her eggnog like she likes her oatmeal – lumpy.

Dan Curran

Dec 20
Dan Curran, Manifest Digital
At-bat song is "Mama Said Nog You Out."

The Heartwarming ending
American Graduate

American Graduate

There is something a little malevolent about making people drink disgusting concoctions during these joyous holidays. To atone for our naughty ways, we’re using this opportunity to support a great cause – the American Graduate initiative to combat the dropout issue in the United States – with a $500 donation.

If you enjoy seeing the eggnog tasters suffer as much as we do, we encourage you to donate to the American Graduate initiative too. We will match your donation dollar-for-dollar (up to a total of $2,000 on top of our initial $500 donation). More importantly, it’ll get you back on Santa’s "nice" list.

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